BPD - Legal Counsel
for all Your Needs ​

In our line of work, we often encounter clients who walk through our doors clinging on to a sliver of hope for an ideal resolution to their legal disputes.

Most are blissfully unaware that dispute resolution comes in many different forms. At BPD, we craft tailor made solutions to help you see and achieve the end game. By employing specific legal strategies and tactical approaches, we help put you on a better "wicket" to reach the desired objective, whether it is through negotiations or courtroom battles.

Complex cases are a norm in BPD, even if our simplified approach may make it look otherwise. Given our expertise in such cases, we often see angles which may not be apparent to the casual observer, and are able to develop a case in the face of seemingly impossible odds.



Serving our clients with state-of-the-art legal advice and advocacy.

Bodipalar Ponnudurai De Silva - Areas of Practice

Going beyond the norm is our trade mark. No matter how complex the legal problem, Bodipalar Ponnudurai De Silva will find a way to knock down hurdles, seek new openings and find fresh opportunities to craft solutions and win cases for our clients. Our partners are constantly upgrading their knowledge and expertise in all the areas of our practice. We pursue excellence in everything we do.